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only thing that matters

April 2009

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only thing that matters

Another Week

I had a really long, relaxing weekend, but I definitely ate too much. I tried really hard...but its tough when you are with someone else 24/7 who wants you to match what they eat. Gag. I'm fasting today...nothing but water. Getting ready to go work out too...its about freakin time. I couldn't all weekend because the people around me were just like "No, you've done enough this week, here eat this." Omg I could have exploded it was so frustrating. How was everyone else's weekend? How about this swine flu thing? It kinda scares me since like nearly everyone at school went to Mexico on spring break. Now everytime someone coughs I'm like PEACE OUT. haha. I don't have a lot to talk about since I don't really want to go into my horrific weekend of binging...I feel like I undid the good that I did last week. But its a new week...time to start over. No weighing til Friday, just fasting every other day til then, including Friday. I'm thinking I can keep my metabolism up by eating a bit on Tues and Thurs so it doesn't completely drop before I'm stuck at home again for the weekend with people who watch me much too closely. I've been dying to get on here and read some posts so I didn't feel so alone in this but I haven't been on since THURSDAY. Geez. Anyway...heres some thinspo...I just went thru and found some stuff that I hadn't seen before so I thought I'd share. Have a Skinny Day! <3

Who woulda thought beyonce? But she looks damn good here.

okay so I saw this and was like wow she's perfect. Then I saw her thighs. I know I am totally not one to talk about it because I'm way huger than her, but WHEN (not if) I reach my goal I don't want those thighs. I'd take the rest of her though.