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only thing that matters

April 2009

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only thing that matters

At least this week is almost over!

So Tuesday after I posted got a little rough! I went to school and hung out with some friends and they went and got some sandwiches. I was at the point where I was fighting soooo hard not to eat and so I could smell everything soo strong and I swear I could like hear it in their mouths. Which is super gross, btw, but at that point it made it so hard. So I had half of this vegetarian sandwich. I don't think it was like super bad nutrition wise except the bread...and god I do not want to know how many cals were in that! So I went for a jog to get away and try to burn at least some of it off. When I got back everyone was sleeping so I went to bed and woke up first thing and went running again! Then I went to school and went to another friend's house and ate 1/2 of a wendy's side salad with no dressing and 1/2 can tuna with salt n pepper on it then I did 1 hour of cardio on the treadmill then worked my abs, arms and butt for 20min each. Then I went to bed again and got up first thing this morning and did the treadmill again but decided I was going to give the rest of my muscles the day off cuz I've been sore and I don't want to tear anything. I also tanned today...does anyone know if that burns cals if you sweat? Like laying in the sun tanning for several hours sweating, not like in a bed. I was wondering that today cuz sweating to me usually = cals lost. Anyway, I've had a really good day, I had one fat free yogurt and a glass of crystal light (105 cals) total. and I told my husband I already ate dinner but made him some chicken and vegetables and only ate 1 cup (50 cals) of only the veggis for a grand total of 155 cals today. Not too bad. I weigh tomorrow...and I haven't been able to fast like I wanted to when I posted early this week, so we'll see what's happened. I may try to fast all weekend. I'm feeling like I'm losing, though, so thats kinda exciting. Have a lovely night...I'm glad to see that you are reading this and that some of the stuff I'm posting is helping you too! If anyone ever needs to talk, just msg me! I have to go...sorry no thinspo this time...cuz I gotta leave right now to go pick up a friend that just called me for a ride :)