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only thing that matters

April 2009

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only thing that matters

It's a $h*+ storm!

Hello lovelies....

So after I posted yesterday I was like...why did I just let myself cool down? I need to keep going until I can't anymore! So I just keep doing video after video until my husband was like what the hell are you doing?! And gave me a slice of turkey deli meat that I fed to my cat haha. I was up all night thinking about how I'm wasting my time being lazy and sleeping when I could be working out and burning cals. So I got up at 3:30am and started working out. I went back to sleep at 6:00 am and got up at 10am and did some more cardio and abs. I'm so freaking sore I could die...but it feels EXCELLENT! I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere...but I don't know whats up with me cuz I haven't been much of a compulsive exerciser before. AND so far today I've had:
8 oz Green Tea (2.4cals)
120oz water (0 cals)

So thats effing amazing. And what's better is that I have to pack some clothes and leave to go to school and stay with a friend for a few nights because my husbands out of town...and when I'm at someone else's house I won't just like go raid the kitchen. So if I shower NOW and then pack and finish wiriting a paper, it will be time to leave for my night class and there will be no time for food! Then I don't get out until about bed time and I will have had probably the best day ever!
Has anyone else ever just started working out one day and then just not wanted to stop for anything? I'm planning on going to the gym with my friend tomorrow morning and night and then we're going swimming Thursday, then to the gym again. I just want to melt away...maybe I will actually be beach ready by summer?!?!

You can't see her stomach because her super skinny arm is in the way. Argh! Why not me??! She's my favorite. Everything about her is so beautiful.


I get what you are saying about the gym. I read in a book that going to the gym should be as natural as brushing your teeth everyday-- That you should feel GROSS if you don't do.

It really put me in check. I used to go like 3x a week... i'm going twice a day now!!!

but yeah good luck.. and don't forget eating and sleeping are apart of being healthy and beautiful.... if you're running and doing cardio you're going to need at least a little fuel

be safe