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only thing that matters

April 2009

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only thing that matters


Is anyone else having problems with LJ? I typed in livejournal.com and it brought up some random picture but not livejournal page. So I had to google it and then go around and skip the first page and the login page. Weird.
Anyway, last night was crazy. The girls didn't get in until late and it was raining really hard and they both got soaked walking from their car to my house so they obviously were totally against going out :( so we wound up just building a fireand drinking and chatting all night. I had a few drinks and its sooo easy to get drunk when you aren't eating haha and when I realized that I had downed like 3 cocktails I started panicking inside about the calories and switched to water...told them it was vodka and sprite lol. So that works. One of my friends opened up a bag of late night taco doritos and a thing of sour cream and started going to town on it. Apparently I ate some because my mouth tasted like it this morning. I could have punched myself in the face when I realized what it was. Then they wanted to go to breakfast this morning so we went but I told them I was too hungover to even think about eating...I was really still just reeling over those chips that I know I had to have eaten. Really, really sucks. But I did drink coffee when we were at breakfast and burned the shit out of my mouth and throat (haha I actually freaked and spit it all over the table, it was pretty funny) so there is no point in even trying to eat today. If anyone says anything, I just have to say my mouth hurts too bad. Probably the best thing ever even though it hurts like a son of a bitch. I'm so tired and gross today and its pouring rain all I wanna do is sleep. I can't go run in this weather so I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I didn't weigh today either, I just don't want to see it. I think I am going to fast today, eat less than 200cal tomorrow, fast tuesday, less than 200 wed, etc, until Friday and then I will weigh and then decide if I should liquid fast all next weekend or what. I'm going to make it my goal to be 130 by June 1, which seems reasonably do-able. In fact I think I could get there well before June 1 if I wouldn't do stupid shit like get drunk and eat doritos. Ah! Wish me luck :) *kisses* How about some more thinspo? I know I could sure use it...here goes....

HA I thought this was funny...he is definitely waaaay more unhealthy than anyone in these communities. I mean, I just want to throw up when I see that. Can you imagine being like that...having to pay double when you fly cuz you take up two seats? Omg.

She is SO perfect