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only thing that matters

April 2009

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only thing that matters

I hope everyone is having a great day. Bah I'm tired, stayed up way too late last night...but I was dancing like crazy around the house with some friends so that probably helped to burn off most of that dinner that I couldn't get out of eating last night. So far today I've had I egg (70cal). I'm having a girls night tonight and I know we'll wind up drinking (so many empty calories...I'm so nervous) so I think I'm gonna see if they want to go out dancing or something so that maybe I can drink but burn it if I dance like a crazy person and possibly break even? I got so excited this morning because I lost TWO pounds yesterday even though I ate a lot more than I would have liked to! Makes me feel like if I don't eat anything but that egg today (just for a bit of protein) and dance dance dance tonight then I won't be off track tomorrow. Hell, losing two pounds after a day like yesterday makes me think I might even wind up losing again by tomorrow. I'm not going to take any chances though, that would be crazy. So just water for the rest of the day. Sounds refreshing :) I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend! Here's some thinspo to help!!!:



Loving the thinspo! Tell us how last night went ^_^