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Apr. 27th, 2009

only thing that matters

Another Week

I had a really long, relaxing weekend, but I definitely ate too much. I tried really hard...but its tough when you are with someone else 24/7 who wants you to match what they eat. Gag. I'm fasting today...nothing but water. Getting ready to go work out too...its about freakin time. I couldn't all weekend because the people around me were just like "No, you've done enough this week, here eat this." Omg I could have exploded it was so Read more...+ ThinspoCollapse )

Apr. 23rd, 2009

only thing that matters

At least this week is almost over!

So Tuesday after I posted got a little rough! I went to school and hung out with some friends and they went and got some sandwiches. I was at the point where I was fighting soooo hard not to eat and so I could smell everything soo strong and I swear I could like hear it in their mouths. Which is super gross, btw, but at that point it made it so hard. So I had half of this vegetarian sandwich. I don't think it was like super bad nutrition wise except the bread...and god I do not want to know how many cals were in that! So I went for a jog to get away and try to burn at least some of it off. When I got back everyone was sleeping so I went to bed and woke up first thing and went running again! Then I went to school and went to another friend's house and ate 1/2 of a wendy's side salad with no dressing and 1/2 can tuna with salt n pepper on it then I did 1 hour of cardio on the treadmill then worked my abs, arms and butt for 20min each. Then I went to bed again and got up first thing this morning and did the treadmill again but decided I was going to give the rest of my muscles the day off cuz I've been sore and I don't want to tear anything. I also tanned today...does anyone know if that burns cals if you sweat? Like laying in the sun tanning for several hours sweating, not like in a bed. I was wondering that today cuz sweating to me usually = cals lost. Anyway, I've had a really good day, I had one fat free yogurt and a glass of crystal light (105 cals) total. and I told my husband I already ate dinner but made him some chicken and vegetables and only ate 1 cup (50 cals) of only the veggis for a grand total of 155 cals today. Not too bad. I weigh tomorrow...and I haven't been able to fast like I wanted to when I posted early this week, so we'll see what's happened. I may try to fast all weekend. I'm feeling like I'm losing, though, so thats kinda exciting. Have a lovely night...I'm glad to see that you are reading this and that some of the stuff I'm posting is helping you too! If anyone ever needs to talk, just msg me! I have to go...sorry no thinspo this time...cuz I gotta leave right now to go pick up a friend that just called me for a ride :)

Apr. 21st, 2009

only thing that matters

It's a $h*+ storm!

Hello lovelies....

So after I posted yesterday I was like...why did I just let myself cool down? I need to keep going until I can't anymore! So I just keep doing video after video until my husband was like what the hell are you doing?! And gave me a slice of turkey deli meat that I fed to my cat haha. I was up all night thinking about how I'm wasting my time being lazy and sleeping when I could be working out and burning cals. So I got up at 3:30am and started working out. I went back to sleep at 6:00 am and got up at 10am and did some more cardio and abs. I'm so freaking sore I could die...but it feels EXCELLENT! I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere...but I don't know whats up with me cuz I haven't been much of a compulsive exerciser before. AND so far today I've had:
8 oz Green Tea (2.4cals)
120oz water (0 cals)

So thats effing amazing. And what's better is that I have to pack some clothes and leave to go to school and stay with a friend for a few nights because my husbands out of town...and when I'm at someone else's house I won't just like go raid the kitchen. So if I shower NOW and then pack and finish wiriting a paper, it will be time to leave for my night class and there will be no time for food! Then I don't get out until about bed time and I will have had probably the best day ever!
Has anyone else ever just started working out one day and then just not wanted to stop for anything? I'm planning on going to the gym with my friend tomorrow morning and night and then we're going swimming Thursday, then to the gym again. I just want to melt away...maybe I will actually be beach ready by summer?!?!

You can't see her stomach because her super skinny arm is in the way. Argh! Why not me??! She's my favorite. Everything about her is so beautiful.

Apr. 20th, 2009

only thing that matters

Back on Track!

I didn't go to class today so I could stay home and work out while the husband was gone. So I found this site....www.exercisetv.tv and it is full of free full length exercise videos. I've never been a big fan of exercise videos (think jazzercise haha) but today I tried it because my gym membership is up and I really don't have the money to renew and I hate running outside even though I still do it. My neighborhood is full of creepers that watch though, and its doubly embarrassing because I'm a big fat fatty. Read more + ThinspoCollapse )

Apr. 19th, 2009

only thing that matters


Is anyone else having problems with LJ? I typed in livejournal.com and it brought up some random picture but not livejournal page. So I had to google it and then go around and skip the first page and the login page. Weird.
Anyway, last night was crazy. The girls didn't get in until late and it was raining really hard and they both got soaked walking from their car to my house so they obviously were totally against going out :( so we wound up just building a fireRead more + ThinspoCollapse ) 

Apr. 18th, 2009

only thing that matters

(no subject)

I hope everyone is having a great day. Bah I'm tired, stayed up way too late last night...but I was dancing like crazy around the house with some friends so that probably helped to burn off most of that dinner that I couldn't get out of eating last night. So far today I've had I egg (70cal). I'm having a girls night tonight Read more + ThinspoCollapse )
only thing that matters

Quick Post....will write more tomorrow!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say that it makes me feel really great to read your comments. This is the best place in the world to come for support and understanding. I hope that you all continue to read my journal as I keep it updated. I just wanted to reply quickly since I just received the comments...my husband is sitting across the room from me so I really have to keep this quick. Today I had 1 can tuna and 1/2 fliet salmon + steamed broccoli and 6 liters water. Not too bad I guess. I would have just stuck to the tuna, but we had some friends just show up outta nowhere to hang out tonight and we made them dinner. I'm pretty sure the girl that came over is ED but I don't know her well enough to bring it up...thats hard even when you do know someone well. But she really acted like she didn't want to eat so it made it easy to opt for a small portion of something healthy. I love all of you and I've been DYING to get on here all day, but I've pretty much had someone hovering over me the entire time I've been on the computer. I can't wait to get some time home alone tomorrow to reply to messages and put up some more thinspo and stuff. <3 you all, think thin! Hope everyone had a successful day! *muah*!

Apr. 16th, 2009

only thing that matters

First REAL Post. Enjoy.

Hey everyone, So I love this site. It keeps me going everyday. But sometimes I feel like people look at things I have written and think that I don't belong here. Probably just another self confidence thing that I am making up in my head....I know that most of you can probably relate to that because we are all dealing with similar things here. Anyway, I'm back after 17 weeks of being "healthy," and I wanted to share a little bit about who I am and why I am here. I want to keep this updated at least every other day (may be hard on weekends when the husband is here) because I think it is helpful when we use this site as an outlet to share our lives with each other as well as use it to keep my mind off of everything else. Here is some info about me:Read more...including thinspo and pics of meCollapse )